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Sulphox is a relatively new gaming community which takes a relaxed approach towards our community. We try to create the best possible experience for our community members.

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Who are we?

A brief insight into Sulphox.

Immersive Experience

Sulphox attempts to present you with the best possible roleplay experience. Please contact a staff member if you have any feedback or require assistance.

Staff Team

Sulphox has a great staff team with multiple departments. We all communicate every day so that we can provide the best of experiences.

Reliable Servers

Our servers are hosted on high-spec dedicated servers so that we can provide the best service to you.

Contact us

Contact us with emergency information.

At the moment, we only accept support requests from our forums. Just create an account there, it's easy. Do not email [email protected], this email is purely handled by our server to send scheduled messages. You can email [email protected] if for whatever reason you can't make a forum account but this email isn't checked often and thus, a reply is unlikely.

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